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Chronic health problems are often linked to a variety of contributing factors. Certain injuries and ailments might also be slow to heal if you have lapses in your diet or poor nutritional habits. Sometimes something as simple as an unaddressed food allergy can also affect other medical issues.

Here at Foundation Chiropractic located in Orem, Utah, our chiropractors Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris can help develop a treatment plan to address a wide range of chronic health and chronic pain conditions. The process of developing an effective treatment plan typically starts with professional diagnostics which could include a chiropractic exam, orthopedic exam or basic fitness evaluation.

If we feel that a dietary issue or nutritional deficit is contributing to your problem, our doctors might also recommend performing a dietary analysis. Sometimes something as seemingly simple as a vitamin deficiency or macronutrient imbalance can lead to complications with other conditions. Patients with blood sugar handling issues such as diabetes might also heal slowly and could benefit from some nutritional changes.

Once we have developed a clear understanding of your condition and the related factors our doctors can help you understand the fine points of the treatment strategy. In many of these cases making conscious changes in your diet can help improve the healing process while also improving your overall quality of life.

If you live in the area surrounding Orem, Utah, and you have been struggling with chronic pain or another chronic health issues, you should consider calling 801-226-2606 to set up a consultation at Foundation Chiropractic.