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The human body is a complex biological machine made up of many moving parts. When you suffer an injury or other complication with the musculoskeletal system it can significantly hamper your quality of life.

Here at Foundation Chiropractic, Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris have years of experience and extensive training to help our patients improve their range of motion, general comfort and overall quality of life.

The first step in developing an effective treatment plan involves comprehensive diagnostics to assess the nature and severity of the problem. This might include a chiropractic exam, postural analysis, orthopedic exam and possibly X-rays.

Patients who have compromised mobility, chronic illnesses or certain medical conditions might also need a fitness evaluation. This is an essential component for determining your physical limitations and a treatment plan to help improve your mobility and general fitness

We take into account your age, physical limitations, diet and weight, as well as your overall health. This includes assessing your mobility, functionally-based movement and any corrective postural movements.

If necessary, our doctors and staff might also include a dietary analysis to help improve your nutrition and aid the treatment process. Be sure to let our staff know about any medications and supplements you are taking.

If you live in the area surrounding Orem, Utah, and you need high-quality chiropractic care, you should call 801-226-2606 to schedule an appointment at Foundation Chiropractic.