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Chiropractic care sometimes extends beyond spinal conditions and problems with muscles, joints and bones. Nerves play a very important role in the function of the body and functional motion provided by the musculoskeletal system.

New and established patients at Foundation Chiropractic clinic located in Orem, Utah, often require diagnostics and chiropractic exams to determine the extent and severity of an issue. In some of these cases our chiropractors, Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris, will also incorporate a neurological exam. With certain conditions this can be an essential step in developing an effective treatment plan.

Indeed, many cases of discomfort and pain are related in some way to nerve inflammation and irritation. This can take an existing condition and exacerbate it without any overt physical changes.

The neurological exam might also incorporate reflex and muscle testing, as well as sensory testing. Your chiropractor may isolate specific muscle groups controlled by a nerve to see how they respond. They might also need to check your reflexes to see if your muscles move properly. Numbness and tingling in a tested area might also indicate a nerve-related issue.

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