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There are many areas of self-care that you may be interested in, and one that often receives less attention than it should is balance and coordination. Balance plays a larger role in overall health than you might think, and is also important for avoiding certain forms of common or chronic pain, including back pain — and it’s also a theme you can attend to in several ways.

At Foundation Chiropractic, our chiropractic care and other services include several balance-related themes for our Orem and other Utah clients, such as our postural analysis and several other programs. What are some common balance or coordination issues we see in our patients, and how can chiropractic care help? Here’s a basic primer.

Common Balance or Coordination Problems

There are a few different types of issues that may arise in people due to balance or coordination, including issues with walking straight, maintaining one’s balance, and avoiding chronic pain. Some people will be lightheaded too often, or may faint somewhat regularly due to unknown causes.

These issues are especially problematic in certain situations, such as when driving or even when out in public. In addition, improper balance may lead to issues like sore muscles, headaches, and back pain, which can also impede people’s lives.

How Balance is Achieved in the First Place

One major theme in these issues is how balance plays a large role in our ability to walk upright — something that most of us take for granted each time we go out for a stroll or head down to the corner store. In a properly-coordinated body, your eyes and ears “map out” your location at all times, and your brain works with your coordination systems to ensure that you are balanced and upright at all times.

When the systems are properly calibrated, they will send signals to your nerves so that you can remain balanced, but once an imbalance occurs or a problem arises in one anatomical area — such as the spine, for example — balance is often compromised. This leads to problems in many other areas too, including nausea and regular fainting.

Chiropractic Care for Balance Issues

At Foundation Chiropractic, we take a holistic approach to our patients’ needs, looking at the body as an interconnected whole that must be in balance in order to function properly. This involves more than just the spine — although we do not underestimate the spine’s crucial role as alignment is vital — and also includes issues such as the nervous system and connective tissue.

When we work on your balance, we first use a detailed postural analysis to map out where you stand in terms of your overall health and wellness status. From there, we can develop a customized care plan to meet your needs, one that includes attention to your nervous system to stimulate proper balance responses.

For more on how chiropractic care benefits balance and coordination, or to learn about any of our chiropractic services in Orem or nearby areas, speak to the staff at Foundation Chiropractic today.