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The body is a curious vessel, particularly when it’s recently been through a major trauma or shock of some kind. A good example here is those who have been in a car accident — while certain injuries from these accidents are obvious immediately, both due to pain and other signs, there are also many cases where injuries from such accidents aren’t discovered until later, and often by a specialist.

At Foundation Chiropractic, we’re happy to serve as such specialists in many cases. We offer the best car accident chiropractic services in Oren and Lehi, and one of the key elements provided by our chiropractors is assistance with properly identifying injuries — and then helping you treat them in various ways. In this two-part blog series, we’ll go over the specific ways a chiropractor will help you in multiple areas if you’ve recently been in an accident.

Identifying Injuries

First and foremost, as we’ve touched on above, our chiropractors have a number of robust methods for specifically identifying any injuries that may be present. This goes beyond just asking you what your symptoms are — it includes more hands-on methods of examination, including digital x-rays and other tests to help us determine if there’s anything immediately wrong with your body.

These tests are vital for many people with injuries, but particularly for some of the most common injury types following a car accident. Two examples of this include whiplash and concussions, as these generally aren’t immediately apparent rather than just being a matter of feeling out of sorts. Many people who have experienced whiplash won’t even realize it until they receive the proper care from a professional.

Managing Initial Pain

Many such injuries will be painful upon being discovered, so our chiropractors are also on hand to provide treatment. This involves directly managing the pain via various means, including chiropractic treatments and possibly a few related methods.

Avoiding Surgery

One of the top benefits of this early identification for those who have recently been through an accident is the fact that these injuries are often able to be treated without surgery. This is particularly true for those who haven’t allowed sufficient time to pass between the accident itself and their first attempts at treatment, as this can result in not being properly diagnosed by a doctor.

On the flip side, if significant injuries from an accident are not properly diagnosed and are left to linger, this can often result in surgery being one of the only available treatments. While this isn’t always necessary, it does carry some significant risks.

For more on how chiropractors help identify and treat injuries after car accidents, and why this carries so much value to those who have been in such accidents, speak to the team at Foundation Chiropractic today.