combining chiropractic yoga health benefits

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Like many other health and wellness-focused areas, chiropractic care is a service that can be successfully combined with other related areas to improve everything from posture and alignment to nervous system and overall health. There are numerous examples of this, from the combination of chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy to several analysis types that might accompany chiropractic services.

At Foundation Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer a variety of chiropractic services for everything from neck pain relief to car accident whiplash treatment. Our professional chiropractors will also be happy to explain various combined services, including both those we offer and others you may be able to do from home. One great example here: Yoga, which is becoming increasingly popular around the globe and can provide specific benefits when linked with chiropractic care. Let’s go over how the goals of these two approaches align, plus how you can promote both in healthy ways.

General Chiropractic Goals

Generally speaking, the goals of chiropractic care are to align the spine, correct misalignments in various areas and also help the nervous system function to its full potential. It is also used for neck, spine and extremity pain of varying levels, from specific injuries to chronic pain concerns.

Connecting Chiropractic Care and Yoga

Yoga provides several specific benefits that directly relate to making chiropractic care easier and more effective. For one, it helps stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the body on a regular basis, keeping them loose and flexible for gentler, easier chiropractic adjustments. For another, it’s also known to lower blood pressure and stress levels, plus increase stamina.

Perhaps most importantly, yoga has been proven to help aid the body’s natural healing process. For those with specific injuries or certain health ailments, including yoga along with chiropractic care will make a huge difference in the quality of treatment.

Connecting Body and Mind

Taking things to a bit of a deeper level, chiropractic care and yoga are both meant to help connect the body and mind. While yoga focuses on areas like strength, flexibility and balance, chiropractic care helps the mind better communicate with the body by removing various areas of interference, particularly from the nervous system.

How could those two areas not relate? Yoga has a meditation aspect that helps free physical restrictions, a factor that connects directly to modern chiropractic care and its various goals. Whether you’re looking to speed up healing on an existing injury, work past chronic pain or improve your nervous system function, this collaborative combination could be just the thing for you.

To learn more about the kinds of yoga exercises that will work best with your chiropractic care, or to learn about any of our pain relief services, speak to the staff at Foundation Chiropractic today.