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Chronic pain in your back, muscles, and joints can severely hamper your mobility and quality of life. Even if you attempt to live with the lingering discomfort the underlying source could lead to other life-altering complications.

Here at Foundation Chiropractic clinic in Orem, Utah our doctors Jeff Brown and Scott Harris, can help diagnose a wide range of spinal and musculoskeletal problems to develop an effective treatment plan.

In many of these cases, a manual chiropractic adjustment can be used to address issues with the vertebrae, muscles, and joints. Sometimes referred to as chiropractic manipulation, manual manipulation, or spinal manipulation, this treatment process can help bring the affected area back into proper alignment.

It involves manipulating the vertebrae or related joint to help relieve the pain and tension. This typically requires you to lay face down on the treatment table throughout the manual adjustment process.

Afterward, your chiropractor will help you understand any other measures associated with improving your problem. This might include basic stretches and exercises, follow up adjustments or massage therapy.

If you live in the area surrounding Orem, Utah, and you have been struggling to deal with back, joint or muscle pain, you should call 801-226-2606 to set up chiropractic exam at Foundation Chiropractic.