seniors benefit chiropractic care

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At Foundation Chiropractic, one of the groups of people we’re most proud of providing our various chiropractic treatments for is seniors and those above the age of 65. We’re not alone – did you realize that roughly 14% of all chiropractic patients in the United States are 65 or older?

Through services ranging from back pain and neck pain relief to whiplash treatment and other auto accident chiropractor services when needed, we’ve helped numerous older individuals with everything from specific pain treatments to overall bodily health and wellness, ensuring they remain comfortable and mobile even getting into their golden years. Whether you’re a senior experiencing certain bodily issues or a caregiver assisting with their care, here are a few common signs that chiropractic care should be sought out by someone reaching a later age in their life.

Increased Fall Frequency

There are a few reasons seniors may begin to fall more frequently as they age, whether it’s due to pain symptoms, immobility in a certain area or just a simple loss of reflexes. Such falls can be extremely dangerous, risking everything from bruising all the way to major head or limb injuries.

With chiropractic care, however, we can address many of the underlying factors that are causing increased fall frequency. We’ll help improve everything from senior posture to muscular strength in lacking areas, allowing for more confident, balanced movement over a period of time.

Mobility Decreases

Another common issue for aging individuals is a loss of mobility, whether stemming from the spine or some other bodily area. If you’re beginning to find that certain kinds of movements are difficult, particularly basic ones like sitting, standing and walking, there might be several areas where chiropractic care are beneficial.

For one, such care will address specific pain issues leading to immobility in certain areas. We’ll work to build up your muscle groups in problem areas to bring you back to previous levels of mobility, including spinal adjustments that will improve your posture and make the entire movement process less of a strain on the body.

Major Pain Symptoms

Finally, seniors experiencing severe pain in a specific bodily area or two should seek chiropractic care immediately. You might be amazed at the degree to which a chiropractor can relieve major pain symptoms through low-pressure techniques, the kind that don’t risk any further pain even in fragile older bodies. A major theme here is utilizing chiropractic techniques to reduce tension within the spine and other foundational bodily areas, allowing for general movement on a daily basis without constant pain.

For more on the signs that chiropractic care is right for a senior, or to learn about any of our back pain relief or other treatments, speak to the staff at Foundation Chiropractic today.