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The human body is a very complex thing that includes 206 bones and over 650 skeletal muscles. They work in concert with joints, cartilage, and other biological structures to allow you to perform a wide range of motions.

When a muscle, joint, or bone is injured it can have a profound effect on the related musculoskeletal structures. In many of these cases, people in the Orem, Utah area turn to the services offered by Foundation Chiropractic.

The start of the treatment process begins with a comprehensive chiropractic exam. This can include a series of diagnostic tools to determine the nature and severity of the problem to develop an effective treatment plan.

If necessary our chiropractors Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris might recommend performing an X-ray to gain further insight. This provides a vivid image of the bones in your body, telling our chiropractors exactly what is happening your body in terms of alignment, and structure. It can also help with identifying the presence of arthritis or any potential scar tissue complications.

This information will then be factored in with other diagnostics in your chiropractic exam to develop your treatment plan.

If you are in the Orem, Utah, area and you have recently suffered a musculoskeletal injury, you should call 801-226-2606 to schedule a chiropractic exam at Foundation Chiropractic.