What to Expect at Your First Chiropractic Visit

When you come into Foundation Chiropractic in Orem, Utah, Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris will work with you to diagnose and treat neuromuscular disorders, focusing on using manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. Our goal is to improve your day to day function while lowering pain you... Read more »

Holistic Care Can Help Recovering From a Personal Injury

Sometimes an automotive accident or a bad fall in the home can cause significant trauma to bones, muscles and joints. Even if the incident doesn’t include significant lacerations, a personal injury can alter your mobility, cause chronic discomfort and lead to other complications, which can have a long-term impact on... Read more »

Therapeutic Massage Can Help With a Variety of Treatments

Personal injuries, joint pain and strained muscles can impair your mobility and even limit your enjoyment of life. These issues can range in severity which might also lead to other complications in surrounding parts of your musculoskeletal system. Here at Foundation Chiropractic our Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris... Read more »

Instrument Assisted Adjustments Can Help With Treat a Variety of Issues

Your musculoskeletal system and spine are made up of a wide range of varying structures. It includes joints, muscles, nerves and other components that allow you to move comfortably. The chronic discomfort of dysfunction in one area can often affect other parts of the body which can have a negative... Read more »

A Dietary Analysis Might Be a Factor in Developing a Treatment Plan

Chronic health problems are often linked to a variety of contributing factors. Certain injuries and ailments might also be slow to heal if you have lapses in your diet or poor nutritional habits. Sometimes something as simple as an unaddressed food allergy can also affect other medical issues. Here at... Read more »

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments to Address Musculoskeletal and Spinal Problems

Chronic pain in your back, muscles, and joints can severely hamper your mobility and quality of life. Even if you attempt to live with the lingering discomfort the underlying source could lead to other life-altering complications. Here at Foundation Chiropractic clinic in Orem, Utah our doctors Jeff Brown and Scott... Read more »

Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Help with Lower Back Pain

Persistent lower back pain can significantly hamper your mobility and have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. Left untreated the underlying cause could lead to other complications. This could include worsening pain in your legs, difficulty sleeping, difficulty with standing for a long period of time and... Read more »

A Neurological Exam Might Be Needed to Develop a Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Chiropractic care sometimes extends beyond spinal conditions and problems with muscles, joints and bones. Nerves play a very important role in the function of the body and functional motion provided by the musculoskeletal system. New and established patients at Foundation Chiropractic clinic located in Orem, Utah, often require diagnostics and... Read more »

A Fitness Evaluation Can Influence a Treatment Plan

The human body is a complex biological machine made up of many moving parts. When you suffer an injury or other complication with the musculoskeletal system it can significantly hamper your quality of life. Here at Foundation Chiropractic, Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris have years of experience and... Read more »

A Postural Analysis Can Factor into an Effective Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Your posture can influence many different aspects of your musculoskeletal system, and the general condition of your joints. Certain career fields that call for an excessive amount of standing, sitting and lifting can sometimes have a gradual effect on your posture. Over time this can start to impact your muscles,... Read more »