Signs Seniors Could Benefit From Chiropractic Care

At Foundation Chiropractic, one of the groups of people we’re most proud of providing our various chiropractic treatments for is seniors and those above the age of 65. We’re not alone – did you realize that roughly 14% of all chiropractic patients in the United States are 65 or older?... Read more »

How Chiropractic Care Benefits Children and Young Adults

At Foundation Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer neck and back pain treatment, whiplash treatment and numerous other chiropractic services to a wide range of clients. Both our manual adjustments and instrument-assisted chiropractic adjustments are extremely valuable for pain management and relief of specific pain symptoms, plus overall daily comfort for... Read more »

Combining Chiropractic Care With Yoga for Health Benefits

Like many other health and wellness-focused areas, chiropractic care is a service that can be successfully combined with other related areas to improve everything from posture and alignment to nervous system and overall health. There are numerous examples of this, from the combination of chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy to... Read more »

Can Decompression Therapy Relieve Your Pain?

If you suffer from persistent back, neck or leg pain, decompression therapy may help you find relief. Also known as spinal decompression, the nonsurgical treatment involves gently and slowly stretching the spine, which alleviates pressure on the spinal discs and promotes the healing process. Decompression therapy is a safe, effective... Read more »

Manual Chiropractic Adjustment vs Medication for Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from acute lower back pain, manual chiropractic adjustments and medication are two of your treatment options. Taking pain medication is easier than scheduling visits to a local chiropractor, but going the simpler route may not be in your best interests. According to a study published in the... Read more »

Will You Need X-Rays at Your First Chiropractic Exam?

The goal of your first chiropractic exam is to determine the right treatment approach to relieving your pain and restoring your mobility. And yes, your chiropractor may take x-rays during the initial consultation. X-rays can be an effective diagnostic tool, as advanced digital imaging reveals structural abnormalities that can affect... Read more »

How Massage Therapy Helps in Chiropractic Treatment

Used in combination, chiropractic treatment and massage therapy create a unique synergy. The combined benefits of these treatments provide patients with a multitude of benefits, helping to relieve pain, expedite healing and improve overall health and well-being. Understanding the benefits of each type of treatment is important but, once you... Read more »

Can a Chiropractor Expedite Personal Injury Recovery?

Seeing a chiropractor for pain related to a personal injury – such as a car accident, slip and fall, workplace injury or defective product-related incident – can help banish your pain and shorten your recovery time. If you sustain an injury in any type of accident, time is of the... Read more »

Manual vs. Instrument-Assisted Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments use manipulation of the musculoskeletal system – primarily the spine – to improve function and reduce pain and inflammation. For some patients, chiropractors make adjustments manually, using only the hands. In other cases, however, the doctor may utilize specially designed tools or equipment to achieve the desired results.... Read more »

Chiropractic Care for Smartphone Syndrome

Chiropractic care is one of the safest, most effective ways to treat a malady that is striking people of every age today: Smartphone Syndrome. If you’ve never heard of this diagnosis, that’s because it isn’t technically a medical term – but it is real and becoming more common every day,... Read more »