Personal training

certified personal trainers giving you the tools to reach your fitness goals

30 Minute Personal Training
Body Scan
30 Minute Massage
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Personal training is beneficial to everyone. Whether they’re a beginner or expert, everybody has something they can improve on, and that’s where our trainers can help you. A session with them can help solidify your goals and make a plan for you to accomplish them. You’ll also be given an invitation to our app, which is customized to your session — that way you’ll be able to work out at your convenience and will have all the tools you need when you’re in the gym. 

If you are someone who is not a big fan of exercise, our trainers can help you find something that is going to work for your goals and something that you will actually enjoy. You will also be able to meet with our trainers weekly to have your own personal cheerleader!

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Dietary Analysis

Our team can perform a dietary analysis to determine if your diet is having a negative effect on your body, and create a treatment plan that will help improve your overall wellbeing.

Fitness Evaluation

Our chiropractic team can conduct fitness evaluations to determine what your physical limitations are, and how you can improve them.


Personal Trainer - Derian

Derian Webster is an Internationally Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in strength and conditioning. She is also a Certified Nutritionist that emphasizes macro manipulation. Her goal at Foundation Training is to help people change their lives and reach their fitness goals through sustainable and realistic lifestyle changes.


Lehi Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer - Katie

Our certified personal trainer at our Lehi training location has the experience to help you reach your fitness goals, working together with our chiropractic office to give you an integrated approach to whole body wellness.