Auto Injury Chiropractor Treating Whiplash, Neck, and Back Pain Near Provo

If you live looking for an auto injury chiropractor in Utah because of back pain or neck pain due to an auto accident, illness, or other condition or issue, make an appointment to see one of the chiropractors at Foundation Chiropractic. Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris are our highly trained, experienced staff chiropractors, and they can help you get back to your old self again.

Pain in any form can be debilitating. It can affect every aspect of your life, from work to hobbies to relationships and even sleep quality. You may have gone to an MD for help with your pain and only gotten a prescription to mask it, rather than a plan for a long-term solution.

Many of our Provo patients seek to avoid pharmaceuticals — especially dangerous painkillers. Others are willing to try medication, but find that it doesn’t help as much as they expected it would, and the side effects can be difficult to manage.

Our patients have found great pain relief success with our auto-injury chiropractic solution specific to the patterns we see with these types of accidents. Almost always, if you’ve been involved in a car accident, you will experience symptoms of neck and back pain due to the intense movements and stresses your body was put under during the accident.

Neck Pain Relief

We see patients from Provo for a variety of conditions, but a fair number of them are, unfortunately, car accident victims. We provide neck pain treatment, and specifically whiplash treatment, to patients seeking neck pain relief after an auto accident.

A whiplash injury usually happens when the car you are riding in is struck hard from behind, and the impact causes your head to snap back and forth forcefully, resulting in a neck injury. This is quite common in a variety of car accidents. Our patients find continual success with our auto accident-specific treatments.

Many auto accident victims suffer ongoing neck pain after a whiplash injury. They may have trouble turning their head from side to side or looking up or down. This can make it difficult to drive, work, engage in hobbies, and sleep. Although a whiplash injury sometimes resolves on its own, oftentimes sufferers need chiropractic whiplash treatment to regain their full range of motion.

Back Pain Treatment

Some of our Provo patients come to us seeking back pain treatment. Back pain is often the result of an auto accident as well, but it can originate from many other sources, including sports injuries, poor body mechanics, and more.

As debilitating as neck pain can be, back pain is often even more debilitating because your back is such a central part of your body. It’s hard to move any part of your body independent of the back and its muscles and bones.

Our chiropractors provide back pain relief through a careful diagnosis and a treatment plan that may involve chiropractic manipulation, adjustments, or other techniques including the teaching of exercises you can practice at home to speed up your recovery.

Complete Chiropractic Services

In order to properly diagnose your condition, we first perform a chiropractic exam. We may also perform an orthopedic or neurological exam.

Because chiropractic is holistic in its nature, we may also do a postural or dietary analysis and a fitness evaluation. Many factors can affect the health of your musculoskeletal system, and we use all our diagnostic tools to formulate the best treatment plan for you to restore your good health.

The chiropractors at Foundation Chiropractic are here to serve our patients in Provo and beyond with neck pain, back pain, and any musculoskeletal discomfort. Call us to make an appointment today.