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Kaylie R.
This is the best Chiropractic in Utah County. I had gone to one before in Utah county and it was the worst experience of my life. I never wanted to go back until my Husband told me about Foundations. They are so welcoming and I felt so comfortable from the beginning. After my first visit they remembered my name and a lot a things about me. Dr. Brown is so personable and really wants to help you improve which I did. I felt that everything I did there from getting adjusted, traction, exercise and the roller beds really helped improve my posture and I don’t get hardly any headaches anymore. I would HIGHLY recommend this Chiropractic to anyone. Thank you Foundations Chiropractic!!!

Miriam S.
After having gone to many other local chiropractors for frequent headaches and chronic neck pain and not really seeing any changes, I LOVE being treated at Foundation Chiropractic. I work in the medical field and really appreciate when an entire office can achieve a great atmosphere. Dr. Brown, Scott, August and Mickey are very friendly and attentive. A visit to their office isn’t your standard chiropractic experience-they have fantastic machines and equipment to make it a full and relaxing experience. Dr. Brown is very skilled. Basically, you don’t just spend 3 minutes there getting adjusted and I absolutely love that about them. I also think it’s important to have concrete evidence of what’s actually wrong. They analyzed my X Rays and provided consultation for that. I feel like they are invested in helping me feel better and catering to my specific needs. I’m really glad I found them!

Zabrina L.
Everybody has been great from day one! Staff is personable, helpful and knowledgeable. They have helped me understand my back issues and laid out how they plan on helping me. They take care to not push the clients past what is safe for them. I recommend them to anyone who is having chronic pain.

Cara F.
This is the best chiropractic office I have been to yet! 5 years ago I injured my back and neck and have looked for different ways to heal and recover. Dr. Brown is a Spine Specialist and is thus has been incredibly knowledgeable about various ways to help me get better and feel better. He is personable and easy to work with. He has great, unique equipment that allows for one to really progress. He has an awesome staff; friendly and helpful. The massage therapists are wonderfully attentive to my individual needs and know how to really work out the issues! I am very happy I found this place and plan to continue to work with them!

Allie O.
I love this office! The girls at the front desk are so fun and personable, along with Jeff and Scott- they make going to the chiropractor a more enjoyable experience. I’ve been coming here to help with the severe headaches I was experiencing, and have found so much more relief. Jeff explains things to you and helps you understand the different things that will be happening as you get more treatments, which I’ve loved. I’d highly recommend Foundation Chiropractic and look forward to seeing them each visit- by far the best chiropractor I’ve been to!

Randall H.
My wife and I went when she was 1 week overdue. We were hoping to put her into labor with a good massage. Our friend recommended this place and said that they had a good massage therapist. We asked the therapist to put my wife into labor if possible. That night we had a baby. My wife had said that it was a very relaxing and very enjoyable massage with good ambiance. Not only that, but the people there are kind and attentive. At this place you will be treated well.

Ronald H.
Awesome caring and friendly staff. Dr. Brown is a real pro. Once you get your treatment plan the execution is straight forward and simple. Dr. Brown has gone the extra mile answering questions and recommending exercises even for unrelated areas. If you’re like me and are just stiff and are hard to adjust or have a fear of Chiropractic adjustments Dr. Brown has other methods to put you at ease. Now that I have finished my course I still keep going as part of my fitness plan. Foundation Chiropractic has helped me regain my health!

Erika G.
Yay! I found a chiropractor! I’m super happy with the way my first appointment went. The staff and the doctors were very polite. I always worry when I present a Groupon that the company will skimp on service or treat me differently (it happens) but that was not the case with Foundation Chiropractic. I didn’t feel like they were just trying to get me in and it. The exam felt as thorough as it needed to be and my adjustment was oh so satisfying. I am excited to go back in a week for my second adjustment. People who don’t understand why repeat visits are sometimes necessary don’t understand their body’s anatomy. Talk to your doctor, read about it, or just think through it. You’ll be happy to go back.

Update: My second appointment was today and I’ve been smiling ever since. This place is wonderful! Glad I have a chiropractor nearby to help me get through college 😉

Andrew O.
Love the quality of care and service that I have received here. Great place that will work with anybody, knows their stuff, and helps me feel great! My wife and I go here fairly regularly and never regret it.

Sidne O.
When I came to Foundation Chiropractic I was in pain just walking, let alone climbing stairs. I noticed a difference within 2 weeks.
Scott Harris has a real gift. He is very focused, he listens to what I need and knows how to fix it.
Foundation is not just the run of the mill chiropractic. They combine traction with table message and adjustments. It worked miracles for me. I would highly recommend them!

Jenna C.
I moved to Utah a year ago and happened into Foundation Chiropractic. It was a wonderful experience. From the first call through the appointment. The girls in the front were great! Very professional and warm. Dr. Jeff listened to my concerns and made my family feel like family. He always has time to speak to anyone that comes through the door and make sure of how they are feeling. I highly recommend this chiropractor and his office staff.

Tua F.
Highly recommend this place. I’m a big guy and was impressed that Dr. Brown was able to adjust me. Hit this place up for any adjustments!

Jonathan J.
Wonderful experience with Dr. Brown and Foundation Chiropractic. I have had lackluster experiences in the past with Chiropractors who claimed they could solve all the world’s problems. I have significant structural challenges and after Dr. Browns review of my MRI and x ray scans he was cautious not to overstate or set unrealistic expectations. I have found noticeable progress through my regular treatments here. Good staff and great environment too. Would highly recommend.

Kimberly E.
I would absolutely recommend this place! Everyone is friendly, compassionate and they know what they’re doing. I appreciate the work they’ve done for me and I can’t wait to continue to work with them.

Sarah D.
Everyone who works here is so friendly and so caring! They know who you are after only 1 visit. I’ve been having back aches every night for a while and in no time, I’m feeling so great! Dr. Brown is so professional and knows exactly how to answer your questions. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone with neck or back pain of any kind!

Stefani B.
This is a great office. Dr. Brown and his staff are very friendly, personable, knowledgeable, and professional. The office is clean and I love that there’s a little play room with toys for my little boy to play with while I’m being treated. He was a great adjuster and told me things I could do at home to help as well. Definitely would recommend this office!

Lacey C.
I travel back and forth between Utah and Arizona, AZ being my home. On one of my trips, I was having major pains in my neck. My first time in, the office staff was extremely attentive, the Dr. contacted my home chiro and immediately worked on a plan, which put me back on track quickly. I have since gone in on several other occasions and will continue to go when I’m in town. Great team and office.

Christina W.
The best chiropractor and chiropractor’s office I have ever been to. Great care, awesome staff, and a trustworthy doctor. You cannot beat this office!

James H.
Dr. Brown is very professional and personable. The staff are all super friendly and helpful, and the environment is comfortable. I would highly recommend Foundation to anyone who is having back or neck problems. I can feel a major improvement from when I started a few months ago to now.

Valerie L.
Jeff has a great bedside manner, takes personal interest in his patients and he goes above and beyond to help correct back/neck problems. You never feel like you are just a number in line!

Alex C.
Just had a fantastic adjustment today after being so stiff and sore from multiple workouts this week. It was my first time there and they took such great care of me. I set up another appointment next week and included a massage because it’s some convenient.

Joseph P.
there quite a few ways to helping heal where I found Dr. Brown to help me with my spine and an easier way of life without pain medication do yourself a favor and get your body tuned up

L’athena G.
They are great! They are easy to schedule with and care about you.

Tennessa H.
You will not find anyone better to fix your back and neck problems, no matter how bad! He also is affordable and genuine about his patients’ well-being!

Florencio C.
The staff there is very polite. The Doctor is wonderful. Very professional outfit. Would recommend anyone to give them a try

Dennis A.
Excellent staff and very knowledgeable. Best in town!

Jeannette B.
5 stars! Dr. Brown is the best chiropractor I know.

Alan H.
Super friendly and very professional!

Shirleen H. Top of Form
Dr. Brown and the entire staff here is excellent! They listen and care and adjust my treatment as I need. I highly recommend them.

Isaac A.
El servicio es muy especializado y profesional. Ademas hablan Espanol que nos permite una comunicacion mejor.