Fitness Evaluation

Take your fitness goals to the next level in Orem & Lehi, Utah

Part of enjoying a body that is healthy and functions properly is your physical fitness. Our doctors work with licensed personal trainers to conduct fitness evaluations to determine what your physical limitations are, and how you can improve them. Doing so will help you enjoy better health and a greater sense of comfort and wellbeing in your day-to-day life. We invite you to contact Foundation Chiropractic to learn more about fitness evaluations in Orem & Lehi, Utah, and to schedule your consultation with our experienced staff.

When you visit our office for a fitness evaluation, our personal trainers will perform a full fitness evaluation to determine your mobility, functionally-based movement, and any corrective postural-based movements. These evaluations take into account your age, physical limitations, diet, weight, and overall health condition.

After performing a thorough evaluation of your fitness level, our team will work with you to determine how you can improve it and help you develop a fitness plan that is appropriate for your situation. Our goal is to help you enjoy better health and long-term success in both your chiropractic treatment and your overall level of fitness.

For more information about fitness evaluations and to set up your appointment with our chiropractors and team, please call our practice today.

Dietary Analysis

Our team can perform a dietary analysis to determine if your diet is having a negative effect on your body, and create a treatment plan that will help improve your overall wellbeing.

Personal Training

Information on our personal training servics, learn about our current training specials, and more.