Like manual chiropractic adjustments, instrument assisted chiropractic adjustments manipulate your spine and surrounding musculoskeletal system to reduce nerve inflammation and irritability, and improve the function of your spine. This treatment uses advanced technology to adjust your vertebrae and produce the relief that increases your comfort and wellbeing. For more information about instrument assisted chiropractic adjustments in Orem, Utah, and to make your appointment with Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris, contact our office at 801-226-2606.

Unlike the manual version of this treatment, instrument assisted chiropractic adjustments use equipment to perform the treatment. There are a variety of tools that may be used, each of which works to make your adjustment more effective, accurate, and safe. Instrument assisted chiropractic adjustments achieve a level of detailed motion adjustment that is often more precise than anything that can be provided manually. Other benefits of instrument assisted treatment include:

  • The same amount of force as in manual adjustment which is applied consistently to a smaller area
  • Less effort on the part of the chiropractor, as their arms, hands, and wrists will not get sore or tired
  • Less overall treatment time

We invite you to call us today to learn more about the benefits of instrument assisted chiropractic adjustments and schedule your consultation with our caring doctors.