Most people associate chiropractic care with the function and condition of the spine. However, we are also concerned with the how your nerves are affected. Your wellbeing is strongly affected by the health and function of your nerves, and our chiropractors are committed to ensuring that your nerves work well. Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris provide neurological exams to determine when nerves are involved with your problem, and which nerves are the source of your pain and discomfort. To schedule your appointment at Foundation Chiropractic and learn more about neurological exams in Orem, Utah, call us today at 801-226-2606.

Nerve inflammation and irritation is a very common cause of discomfort and pain. While nerves do not technically get “pinched,” problems such as misaligned vertebra or bulging discs can create a condition in which irritation and swelling put pressure on the spinal nerves, affecting that area as well as the part of the body to which that nerve leads.

Your neurological exam will consist an evaluation of several components. Some of the tests our chiropractors may perform include:

  • Reflex testing
  • Muscle testing
  • Sensory testing

Our chiropractors may isolate muscle groups controlled by a specific nerve and test to see if they “lock”; or check your reflexes to see if your muscles move properly and how the nerves affect sensation on the skin.

Neurological exams are typically performed as part of a chiropractic and orthopedic examination. If our exam reveals that chiropractic treatment is not the best option for your particular condition, our doctors will refer you to a trusted neurologist for more specialized procedures.

For more information about neurological exams, and to set up your consultation with our chiropractors, please contact our practice today.