When you have poor posture, or if your posture is off in any way, you will more than likely experience pain and discomfort. Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Scott Harris often perform a postural analysis as part of your chiropractic exam to determine if your posture is contributing to, or causing your pain; and what your correct posture should be. To make your appointment with our chiropractors and learn more about postural analysis in Orem, Utah, call Foundation Chiropractic today at 801-226-2606.

Your body has an ideal position. Poor posture causes you to experience a variety of problems, including:

  • Pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Joint, ligament, and muscle stress
  • Organ dysfunction

A postural analysis is the process through which your body’s current position is evaluated to determine the corrections needed to bring your body back into the best possible position. Your postural analysis will consist of several components:

  • Visual examination from the front, side, and back to determine any muscular imbalances and bone/joint positioning
  • Observation of movement patterns (walking, squatting, lunging, etc.)

Photos may also be taken to keep a record of your starting posture and of your progress over time. Treatments to correct your posture may include exercises and stretches, as well as education about the effects of poor posture, so that you can be aware of your condition and actively work to correct it.

For more information about postural analysis and to schedule your consultation with our skilled chiropractors, please call our office today.