massage therapy benefits car accident

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Both in terms of physical benefits and other areas, there are few services more potentially valuable after a car accident than massage therapy. Beneficial to victims of such accidents both in the immediate aftermath and for the days, weeks and even months following the incident, massage therapy can encompass several different themes and specific techniques to limit your pain and assist you in other areas as well.

At Foundation Chiropractic, we’re proud to offer not only a wide range of auto accident chiropractor services, but also massage therapy solutions for these and other pain or discomfort symptoms you might be experiencing. Why might you strongly consider massage therapy in addition to other chiropractic techniques following a vehicle accident? This two-part blog series will dig into several reasons why.

Overall Pain Relief

Even in minor car accidents involving low speeds, the potential for significant bodily pain is always there. Whiplash can take place at speeds as low as 10 miles per hour, for instance, and it’s entirely possible for victims of car accidents to feel delayed pain symptoms that are often covered by adrenaline.

Luckily, massage therapy holds several specific benefits in terms of reducing this pain. It works on several bodily areas, from increasing blood circulation to promote healing to reducing inflammation and limiting immediate pain. Pain that otherwise would not have gone away for weeks or months can be massaged out in just a few days in many cases.

Soft Tissue Injury and Recovery

Many of the injuries sustained during a vehicle accident, such as whiplash, are considered soft tissues injuries. These are usually to the neck, but can also include the spine, back and shoulders.
Massage therapy is once again highly beneficial for these sorts of injuries. We mentioned circulation improvement above – massage promotes this as well as the function of your lymphatic system, both of which help the body’s healing and recovery processes.

Mental and Emotional Stability

As many victims of car crashes will tell you, the negative experience here isn’t always limited to physical pain. Car accidents can also be traumatic and shocking to many, including to the nervous system in numerous cases – massage therapy helps calm this system and allow it to return to a more normal state.

In addition, massage therapy is known to provide benefits with various emotional disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is common following car accidents. While treatment needs for those suffering from such emotional concerns will vary between individuals, massage therapy is often utilized as a calming, relaxing solution.

For more on why massage therapy is beneficial to those who have recently been in a car accident, or to learn about any of our chiropractic care services, speak to the staff at Foundation Chiropractic today.